My mother could needlepoint so well that the back side of her creations rivaled the neatness and beauty of the front.  She could knit wonderful afghans and sweaters, a skill that has skipped a generation and has been bestowed upon my daughter.  I can do none of these things, but not for lack of trying.  
So, I set out to find what I could do.  I have dabbled with doll making, quilting, sewing, and jewelry making.  I’ve made cinnamon ornaments, baskets of rope and fabric, and crocheted a myriad of scarves and afghans.  These all satisfied the creative part of me.  Yet, I needed more.
Then I found the art of mosaic.  I so enjoyed making glass on glass pieces, that I filled my house with them to the point I feared the house would burst at its seems.
Recently, I discovered needle felting, and I fell under its spell, too.  I found it as addicting as glass on glass mosaic.
So, like with the glass on glass mosaic, I decided that I would share my needle felting creations with you, too.  So,  laugh a little.  Oooh a little.  Enjoy.